Sunday, August 18, 2013

And now for somthing completely different!

The past few weeks, I've been working on painting up a concrete lawn ornament.
 I "volunteered" to do this for my landlord. I'd never worked with concrete before, so seemed like a chance to try something new.

Did some research and bought supplies. We started out with outdoor craft paint, easy to find at any craft store.


But the results weren't super because he didn't want me to use primer (long story, the client is always right). And there were some imperfections on the concrete, even after cleaning that showed through the paint. So he went rogue and found something else from the hardware store he wanted me to try. Note that concrete is very porous and I will never not use a primer again.

Paint with built in primer, not specified for outside, but we gave it a whirl and the coverage was nice.
For the detailing portion, went back to trusty outdoor craft paint in Citrus Green (dead on match for your basic John Deere green). He's happy with how it came out and after putting a waterproof sealer on it, it will be placed in the yard.


joyce said...

What a great idea!

Carol Vivenzio said...

This is very cool. Looks great. Missed you yesterday. Hope to see you soon.

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