Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organizing the small things

So I finally got this tote I've had my eye on as good storage for brads and buttons. It will also be easy to grab quickly to take to crops. 50% off coupon of course!
 I love the individual trays that slide right out.

This is what I started out with and the plan was to get all the brads out of the big drawer and into the tote.

And yes, I did have more than I remembered. Here are my neutrals.


I have a 3rd drawer partially filled with specialty/odd sized brads, and a 4th empty drawer to fill. I especially like this top storage area for sets of brads and my tweezers. Why the tweezers? Easier for me to pick things out of the teeny sections without having to dump anything out!

While I was doing this, I found a few things I had been missing that were stuffed in the original it's good to go through your inventory every now and then. Now I have to think about what else I can get in that tote....

The other thing I've been puttering around with lately is a spring decoration for my mantel. I'm using this cardboard folder that was packing for an item we received at work. Recycling! Stay tuned for how that turns out.


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